I don’t have my own seal yet, what did yours cost?

Roughly a few thousand votes per day, I’d estimate.

When Barak Obama mischaracterized (lied about) Kissinger, I expected the “I served with Henry Kissinger. I know Henry Kissinger. Henry Kissinger is a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Henry Kissinger!…And look for Dr. Kissinger to verify this publicly before daylight.”

Then B.O. stunk up the joint with yet another broken promise. This one to Caucus4Priorities regarding his opposition to missile defense. He reneged because he is now concerned that the ”tiny” country of Iran might launch missiles our way (though they, Cuba and Venezuela, “don’t pose a serious threat” – or, at least, they didn’t until last night). I now understand the Obamanomics employed to cut the “wasteful” billions from our defense budget. In Iran’s case, “they only spend 1/100 of what we do on their military” so this tiny country obviously must be building tiny missiles, right? So, I gather that the missile defense he now supports consists solely of the Harvard tennis team standing on the coastline with rackets at the ready.

But I’m still confused on why we need to spend billions more to increase troop strength in Afghanistan to fight an enemy that only spends 1/100 of what tiny Iran spends on their military. I mean the Taliban/AQ’s missiles must be like mosquitoes. Couldn’t we just buy some Deep Woods OFF?

And what’s with that cruel moderator? Couldn’t he tell by Barak’s constant fidgeting, facial-contorting and hand raising that the monkey-eared kindergartener in the first row needed to be excused in order to go pee-pee? Or was this simply a case of Barry being the first adolescent in history to be more annoyingly anxious to give a wrong answer than Mr. Kotter’s Horshack?

Like clockwork, the ashamed One dis’ed the USA again during the story about his deadbeat dad’s apparently outdated desire to be educated here in the good ole USA. I was waiting for McCain to say “Well, I’m still proud of our country and our universities. But, if it will help, I promise to drastically shorten the waiting list of gifted American students pining to be educated in Kenya from zero to none by the end of my first term.”

Regardless what others say about no memorable events, this debate will forever be remembered by me as Obama’s “Me Too!” debate. That memory was seared by the McCain camp’s commercial utilizing all the “you’re right John” quotes (which hit the airwaves even before the Obama email list got orders on how to interpret the evening’s flips and flops). And the “I’ve got a bracelet too” moment was NOT analogous to Bush checking his watch. Time changes and needs to be checked once in a while. Names of dead soldiers written on memorial wristbands generally do not.

The pathetic nature of the bracelet incident lies not in the playground style one-upmanship of the actual One. But rather in his juvenile assumption that this asinine “tactic” would somehow promote his overall anti-victory “strategy” when juxtaposed against a sincere adult’s heartfelt commitment to honor the honorable.

McCain’s gift signifies a promise to a proud mother that he will never, ever diminish her son’s sacrifice by abandoning the mission. Obama’s gratuity from Sgt. uhhhWhatsHisName’s mom is simply an expedient prop lying in wait of the moment in which it’s value peaks and he can pawn it for the political capital needed to assure that McCain’s promise can’t be kept. Just because Sgt UhhhWhatsHisName’s distraught and misguided mother unfortunately seems to think her son was drafted and was incapable of supporting a mission greater than hisself is no reason for the Messiah to patronize a living vote at the expense of a fallen hero.

At this point I must say that JSM III let me down in a way that no commentator I’ve seen has yet detected perhaps because they are not Army veterans. Senator McCain said our Army lost in Vietnam. Bull feathers! We did NOT lose militarily. And this would have been the perfect time to mention the 50,000+ bracelets on his other arm to remind him that Obama-style “progressives” pulled the carpet out from under our hard fought, blood won progress a couple wars back.

Obama’s only advice on Afghanistan is that we should do what he claimed would not work in Iraq…send more troops. Before sending more troops Senator, “What’s your exit strategy?” I’d swear he said he’d capture and then kill Bin Laden. Fine with me. Who needs torture when you can execute guys without a trial? Saddam was universally recognized as being responsible for killing more innocents by far than OBL, but he got the full trial treatment.

The Messiah also worked another prime time miracle. I would have preferred my water be changed into wine (what goes with pork?), but… It is quite literally NOT possible for a human to cut federal income tax for 95% of Americans when roughly half that bunch already pay a net zero fed tax. Put all the lipstick you want on welfare, it’s still a political porker. Thus even his tax cuts will increase spending…now that’s change you can really bereave in!

Let’s see…any generic Dem whoops ass on any generic Republican. McCain poorly defends capitalism, misses at least three hanging curve balls and fails to “make famous” the financial crisis guilty Dems. The debate meant to focus solely on McCain’s strong suit spends half its time on Obama’s home court. Yet, today’s polls are indecisive. So, with all that in mind, who won? Not both. And definitely not One.

By the way, when the hell is the undecideds’ self-esteem bubble going to burst? How can we stop this predatory pandering by the likes of Luntz and Co.? I’m sponsoring a bill this week that will give all chronically undecideds two presidential votes so that they can just go ahead and vote both ways and get back to their places starring on Leno’s Jay Walking bit.