McCain needs to go to the debate

I think missing the debate will give the media ammo that they don’t need. If McCain goes to the debate, he can try to work in economic policy and take the credit for getting the ball rolling on the bailout plan.

Because of McCain’s bold move yesterday, more attention and pressure have been placed on Congress and the White House to “get it done.”

That’s probably the biggest indication that McCain has made a good choice. But he needs to go debate and stand up to the bully. If McCain is going to lose this election, it won’t be because of the debates. It’ll be because Obama is a Democrat and people don’t separate the two.

McCain needs to do whatever he can to make Obama small, tiny, and irrelevant. Barack “Call me if you need me” Obama already looks this way today. Tomorrow, McCain can expose the mask once and for all, when most voters are just starting to pay attention.

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