Mccain and the economy

I don’t know about the mortgage stuff, but I need to see more. But I will say this: I was recently in a sticky financial situation and was trying to negotiate with my lender to prevent a possible foreclosure. They were so rigid and would not bend even in the face of having to take on another mortgage. It was baffling to my wife and I why a lender would take a huge hit rather than finding a solution where the loan stays solvent and they continue to make money……….mystifying! FYI Everything worked out and no foreclosure.

More importantly Mccain did a very good job of linking the new economy and recovery to energy. I just wish he would have referenced energy as the new manufacturing industry.

If it is true that Mccain did better on the economy tonight (which I believe he did) it will be interesting to see if this steadies the ship. We shall see!