missed opportunity

I have an uneasy feeling after this debate and looking at the polls (yes I know I am supposed to disregard the polls). I was consistently disappointed in Mccains inability to pummel on Barry on multiple points.

1) offshore drilling: McCain had the opportunity to call out Barry and the whole democratic party when he stated they had a good energy bill with offshore drilling. Mccain’s response should have been “The bill is a sham! There is no drilling within 50 miles of the coast and no royalties to the states that must allow”

2)The bailout bill: McCain’s should of been response “You want tax payers to fund it, I want the companies to fund it!”

3) Tax cuts: McCain should have said “I appreciate the fact that you want a tax cut for the middle class but when you allow the bush tax cuts to expire your tax cut actually increases taxes on the middle class. What good is a tax cut to the middle class if they don’t have a job because you raised taxes on their employers. I want everyone to pay lower taxes so everyone has lower taxes and a J-O-B job!

4) On Barry’s claim that he wants clean coal: “That’s ironic your VP just said no more coal plants in America, they are killing us, Senator Obama is this another instance of you saying one thing to the people who want to hear you are for clean coal and the real conversation amongst your campaign no more clean coal.”

I am noone special, noone smart, just a regular joe, but comeon these were gimme’s.