roadmap to victory

If you look at the current RCP electoral map, the road to 270 goes thru the following toss up state: Virgina (reasonable), Ohio (reasonable), Nevada (close to reasonable), New Mexico (close to reasonable). The debates will be huge, key is to keep the Obiden ticket off balance and polls slightly in the good guys favor until debates. I expect a relaxed and energized Mccain in the debates kind of like saddleback. In Mccain’s eyes he has nothing to lose. He does well in interviews and is very succinct with his answers. I expect the same in the debates, bc that is all they really are, interview. I have seen a different mccain of late compared to the primaries. He did not know where to tread then (go right or be natural in the middle). He can now be natural in the middle. The good news in regards to the palin slow joe debate is that she can’t be edited!