ABC's editing room floor

If you have not checked out hughhewitt.townhall.com it links to the unedited Palin interview (I refuse to use the interviewer’s name out of respect for real journalists). I am asking everyone to bombard ABC with emails and phone calls regarding the hit job done by ABC by shortening her answers to make her look uninformed and undesirable. It is clear to me that they set out to get PAYBACK for the media bashing at the RNC. It is clear to me that ABC was trying to make her an example and “teach her a lesson” for her comments. Who is she to tell the dinosaur media that she doesn’t care what they think? We need to make this well known, and we need to make them pay ala Rathergate. If there is a bit of anger in my typing it is because my buckeyes got trounced tonight and they did not make the adjustment to play pryor more, but I digress.