For the naysayers out there who say a VP choice makes little difference, I say follow the money! 6.8 million in one day speaks volumes. On top of that I have had two conversations today (out of the blue) of new McCain supporters. Not 30 minutes after Palin was tabbed, my mother received a phone call from a family friend stating “Well, we now have someone to vote for!” They are retired prounion evangelicals outside of Toledo, Ohio. I suspect there are many others like them who now identify with the ticket. The second conversation came from a coworker who calls himself a socially liberal republican who always finds a way to vote democratic. He actually voted for gore in 2000 and bush in 04. He was leaning obama but when palin was announced he jumped ship and is now strongly in the Mccain camp. He asked me if I knew of any rallies coming up. His wedge issue was the 2nd amendment. He stated that he was disappointed in obama’s selection of biden. I assume because of the washington insider connection. Lets hope the trend continues and Gov. Palin continues to impress on the trail!