Dayam--What an Ad.


Every once in a while, a politicial ad comes along that is so out of the ordinary that you spread it around to everyone you know.  I ran across such an ad this morning.  Take four minutes from your life and watch.  Hey, 1.3m views since 1630 yesterday is pretty damned good.

The production values, the trailer-for-movie qualities, even the bit of humor in the middle, all of it is made for its audience: the larger than life ethos of Texas.  I’m not certain who made this video, but I would not be surprised if it turned out to be a military veteran.

It didn’t take very long at all to find such a group of people.  Veterans in Media and Entertainment has a page of Facebook to promote the hiring of vets in productions.  NOTE: I just know the name, not their politics.  But I would bet that a lot of them know a good filmmaker who would have no problem being an Alan Smithee (or other protective pseudonym) on a project like a conservative political ad.  And it hires a vet.

So, campaigns out there: why not get a twofer?  Hire a vet for your next ad, and let their buddy vet be the writer.  You might have the next kick-ass viral ad.  Couldn’t hurt.