It's Their Last Chance, and They're Blowing It

It's Their Last Chance, and They're Blowing It
AP Photo/Richard Vogel

It’s a good time to be a change activist for the Black Community.  Right now, no matter where they look, they have targets everywhere.  Every large company in America is bending over backwards to curry favor with these descendants of the oppressed.  (“You haven’t seen oppression!” say most Malaysian Chinese)  Now’s the time to strike a deal, get while the getting’s good, secure a foothold in the corridors of power.  The antics of the mob are slowly turning the minds of the silent majority against special treatment.  All too soon, the activists, both the well-intentioned and the anarchist-minded, will be back to the status quo ante George Floyd.  I’m willing to bet that in the future activists will be looked upon as ‘those thugs that burned downtown, so screw them.’

But they just can’t take the win.  No, they have to have the entire pie.  You can’t reform the police, you must delete the police and start over with a blank slate.  The problem is they can’t figure out how to do more than stare at the blank screen and the blinking cursor.  How to recreate the concept of external control over the worst humans without any error at all?  And so they destroy as much as they can, then go home to their neighborhoods and wail about how their clients have to take a bus five miles to go to a grocery store.  Well, that’s because you and your buddies in the black-bloc clothing burned them all down.

In the meantime, throughout the land, the excesses of BLM are disgusting the middle class.  Orderly protests and no vandalism, no problem.  Chaos every night, police, fire, and EMT unable to respond, that’s flat out unacceptable to most of America, even if they’re not affected, because they know that, sooner or later, their first responders may be ordered to stand down, too.

It’s the last chance the Black Community has of securing a permanent change to their benefit, and they’re blowing it by letting BLM and the anarchists steal the movement.

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