Biden is Helping Our Downticket

Biden is Helping Our Downticket
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Witness the wonder that is John James, currently running for the Michigan Senate seat currently held by Gary Peters (D).  He ran in 2018 against Debbie Stabenow and lost by about seven and a half points.

Then Biden was crowned Arbiter of True Blackness™ by Symone Sanders, who also is head defensive coordinator on his election staff.  Biden decreed that all those who still had questions about voting for Biden over Trump “ain’t black”.  John James, West Point graduate and highly successful MI business owner, had some things to say.

Listen to the whole thing.  Notice how he bites back what he’d really like to say.

But he does rip Sleepy Joe one when he advises him that if he uses the word “ain’t” he should “carry hot sauce in his purse”–a reference to a Hillary Clinton comment seen as pandering to the black community.  It is both fantastic on so many levels–slamming Biden for pandering while also emasculating him by implying that he carries a purse.

These are the people we want as legislators.  They are not asking for special treatment for their special slice of the population.  Rather, they are invested in the fight to rid all constituents of overweening government intrusion in their lives.  Including doddering has-beens telling them their sense of self depends on who they vote for.

Bravo, John James.  Kick butt!


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