North Korea: A Bully or a Legtimate Power

Written on August 10th 2009

Recently America made a move that it has adamantly opposed for years.  America bargained with a terrorist for the release of hostages.  This terrorist was not a plane hijacker, a bank robber, a kidknapper, but instead he is a tyrannical ruler who is the leader of a foreign country.

America sent one of our highest diplomats, former president Bill Clinton, to North Korea to negotiate the release of two American journalists who were captured and sentences to 12 years of hard labor by the North Korean government for spying for America.

Their story of hardship and unfortunate circimstances has captured international attention.  As they were on the Chinese/North Korean border doing a comprehensive report on human trafficing across the border they were picked up and taken as prisoners by the North Korean government.

While their story continued to develop North Korea continued, more agressively than ever, to continue their nuclear program.  In recent months they have fired multiple, as many as seven in one day, long range missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead as well as detonating multiple small nuclear weapons as tests.  This is all while defying dozens of UN resolutions and sanctions that have been levied against them for years.

America so often says that is wants to take a tough stance on dictators like North Korea’s Kim Jong Il yet its actions so often times say exactly the opposite.  The Obama administration, though they arguable did not plan the convoy themselves, completely agreed with the idea of sending President Clinton over there.  President Obama even went as far as to write a letter to Kim Jong Il and have President Clinton hand deliver it.

I understand that the safety and well being of the journalists is the most important thing but sending someone like President Clinton only gives legitimacy to the dictator and his regime that now rules North Korea and will allow him to further his power and control.  The Obama administration has a tough verbal stance on tryrannts and dictators, but their actions in these first 6 months in power have only legitimized regimes around the world.  What’s next?