Today is a date that will live in infamy. (At least to many in IL)

As I woke up this morning I started to hear the wisper that I have known was coming for six years now.  My wonderfully corrupt governor, Mr. Rod Blagojevich, was formally charged by the FBI with corruption charges.  The FBI in their press conference that is occurring right now says that they have been wire tapping Governor Blagojevich’s phone at his state offices and even at his home.  

Blagojevich will be the fourth governor of IL in the last 35 years that will have been indicted and if he goes to jail, he will be the fourth in that same time to go to jail as well.  During the news conference the FBI agent and District Attorney were both there a little over two year ago when the immediate past governor of IL, George Ryan, was charged with corruption charges and is now serving a six (6) year term in federal prison.
Governor Blagojevich is convicted of corruption charges.  Now corruption charges are is not just a blue or white collar crime.  Corruption could be involved in a murder case, or in a political case, or in a business case but the governor’s charges shows that it was well deserved why he was the least popular governor in America.  Governor Blagojevich is charged for two seperate events.  The first one was that he was actually trying to sell the appointment of someone into the Senate seat that President-Elect Obama left vacant when he was elected to the presidency on November 4th.  The second event occurred when Governor Blagojevich contacted the Chicago Herald-Tribune about getting rid of two of their editorial board writers who were writing negative articles about Governor Blagojevich.  He told the Tribune that if they did not get rid of these writers then the state would not be able to give them the same amount of aid that they have been given in previous years.  
I was hoping that after Governor Ryan’s conviction Illinoisians would learn that the political process that has developed throughout IL in recent years, centered and focused in Chicago, is the most corrupt political machine in America.  After electing Blagojevich it was obvious that this lesson was not learned by the people of IL but after today when a sitting governor has been charged with corruption charges while still in office.  
I remember conversations between friends about how by the end of his term Governor Blagojevich will be sharing a jail cell with Governor Ryan.  All I can say is that after today that idea seems a lot more possible.