Robin Carnahan - Shoveling More Bull

I was tempted to lead with “First, Demon Sheep, now The Bull”.  But that would have incorrectly grouped this well-done video with one that was infamous for its ineptitude.  So – behold, “The Bull“.

The video was released today from Rep. Roy Blunt’s campaign for Senate. It does a nice (and funny) job of illustrating how Robin Carnahan is an unabashed supporter of the key parts of the Obama neo-comm agenda. “Shoveling more bull” and describing how Carnahan is a rubberstamp for Pelosi, Reid and Obama is precisely the message that Missourians need to hear (or warned of).

Ms. Carnahan, if you want to support a “jobs bill,” your best bet would be to support the repeal of the job-killing, tax-increasing healthcare socialization law. But you’d have to climb down from President Obama’s lap first.  Oh, and by the way:  when will you be bringing the POTUS to Missouri to campaign for you? Ooops – I forgot – last time, you turned your tail and fled. Probably a good idea, come to think of it.