Robin Carnahan is making "carefully crafted statements"? Really??

It’s no secret that MO Sec’y of State Robin Carnahan, the likely Democrat challenger for U.S. Senator Kit Bond’s Missouri seat, has been MIA when it comes to stating her positions on key issues facing the country.  For months we were left wondering if she had fallen into some sort of black hole, as she was not to be seen or heard.

But now Politico correspondent Dave Catanese (formerly a reporter for Springfield, MO’s KY3 TV), is bathing Ms. Carnahan’s behavior with euphemistic glory.  In an article regarding the GOP’s strategy against the Dems in the forthcoming 2010 elections, he states:

The NRSC chairman also contended that Democratic candidates like Louisiana Rep. Charlie Melancon and Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan are either distancing themselves from the legislation or attempting to remain silent.

Melancon, who is challenging Sen. David Vitter, was one of 39 Democrats who voted against the original legislation and has said he will not reverse himself. Carnahan, who is looking to pick up retiring Sen. Kit Bond’s seat, has issued carefully crafted statements that have focused on general principles rather than specifics on key sticking points.

“Carefully crafted statements”?  Maybe he was referring to these “carefully crafted statements”:

  • Attending a pro-abortion fundraiser in NYC with Planned Parenthood board members
  • Attending a Seattle fundraiser held by the “League of Conservation Voters,” a group that has been sliming Rep. Roy Blunt about his vote against cap-and-trade. (Oh, and Rep. Blunt just happens to be running against Carnahan in the Senate race.  What a coincidence.)
  • Avoiding direct questions from reporters about her position on the House health care legislation
  • Dodging card check questions at an event where she was endorsed by Teamsters President Jim Hoffa?
  • Conveniently missing President Obama’s appearance on Wednesday in St. Charles, MO.  Apparently, the statement she’s making here is “trying to get out of the way of the health care train wreck”

Here’s a more interesting “carefully crafted statement”:  Obama will be attending a fundraiser for Claire McCaskill on Wednesday night…why fundraising for Claire and not Robin?

So Mr. Catanese believes that Carnahan is making “carefully crafted statements”.  And he believes she’s remaining “above the fray.”  I did a quick search on Catanese’s coverage of Roy Blunt, and the top several hits were fairly negative articles.  I won’t make any accusations; rather, I await Mr. Catanese’s positively-focused articles and statements about Rep. Blunt.  I suspect I’ll be waiting for a while.