Your Tax Dollars At Work, U.S. Census Edition

So I meander out to my mailbox this afternoon, and what should I discover but a letter from the U.S. Census.  Hmm, feels mighty thin, I say to myself.  So I open up the envelope and out drops this letter:

The Census has sent me a letter telling me that they’re going to send me a letter.  Brilliant!

I’m having a difficult time deciding if this letter is:

  1. Supposed to be helpful or informative in some way.
  2. A joke.
  3. Some sort of Obama stimulus plan for the postal workers
  4. My imagination.

I’m betting on option 3.

I think the gubmint probably figures that us rubes out here in the hinterlands will just say to ourselves “hey, it’s just funny money – the U.S. Census is a gubmint entity, and the USPS is kinda sorta part of the gubmint, too, so it probably didn’t cost them anything”  Well, except for the time that the mail dudette had to spend sticking all those envelopes in mail boxes and the gas it took to run the mail truck, the trees they had to kill for all of those letters and envelopes, etc.

I suppose the environmental aspects of this never occurred to anyone.  A letter, telling me I’m going to get a letter.  I hope the enviro-wackos are having fun with this.

I think I’ll send them a letter telling them I got their letter about their letter.