The CPAC Bloggers Lounge is hot

RedState is the sponsor of the Bloggers Lounge here at CPAC 2010, and we do have our share of RS blogging occupants, with Moe, Aaron, Caleb, Leon, Erick, Kevin, Brian, Rob, Jeff, James, Soren … and me… making occasional appearances in the lounge. But we’re not alone – there are probably 100+ bloggers who have been working on and off in the lounge.  I myself have staked out a spot outside the room, out on the ballroom balcony, where it’s a little easier to hear the speakers and it’s a bit cooler!

One of the beautiful things about being a blogger at CPAC is the chance we have to meet our elected representatives, interview and just chat with them.  Today, so far, we’ve had the chance to visit in the lounge with Chuck DeVore, Steve Poizner, and Rep. Mike Pence.  In fact, Rep. Pence greeted several of us a while ago, and we shot a little group pic.

He was also kind enough to do a little Q&A for the Bloggers.

Note the strategically-placed RedState banner behind Rep. Pence.  🙂

The day is drawing to a close, but the best is yet to come tomorrow.  Some of tomorrow’s luminaries:  Rick Santorum, Andrew Breitbart, John Bolton, Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, and…. Glenn Beck.

Wish you were here!