CPAC Blogger Lounge is open for business

The RedState contingent is alive and well at CPAC 2010, camping out in the (Redstate-sponsored) Blogger Lounge.  There are at least seven of us here so far, and more will float in and out during the day.

Note Moe Lane’s fingers on the keyboard in the foreground.

Estimates are at about 10K attendees for this year’s event.  So far we’ve had Marco Rubio and Jim DeMint addressing the crowd.  Both were fantastic, as expected, and got the audience fired up.  Rubio detailed several key ideas he has for how to turn the country back from the Obamination that we find ourselves experiencing today:

  • Reform the tax code, reduce tax rates across the board
  • Eliminate double taxation – abolish capital gains, dividends, interest, death taxes
  • Lower the corporate tax rate so it is competitive with the rest of the world
  • Stop big govt energy madates such as Cap & Trade
  • Put the consumer in charge of healthcare spending in America
  • Pass lawsuit abuse reform
  • Undertake serious measures to get control of national debt
  • Terrorists attack to impose their view of the world on as many as they can; America is standing in the way
    • We will do whatever it takes, as long as it takes, to defeat radical Islamic terrorism
    • We will stand with our allies like Israel
    • We will capture them (terrorists_, get useful info from them, bring them to justice in front of military tribunal at Gitmo, not a civilian courtroom in Manhattan (BIG APPLAUSE)

The agenda here is rich, and there will be more where that came from.  Watch the action on Twitter via hashtag #cpac10.  And watch the front page throughout the conference…we’re all working to bring the conference to you live!