Doin' What Comes Naturally!

(Apologies to Irving Berlin)… We knew that Barack Obama was turning DC into a mecca for sucking at the public teat, but it perhaps was not as obvious until recently as to what extent this is occurring.  RedState member Fred Maidment sent this blog entry from The American to me this morning. It illustrates the depth to which Obama is influenced on “governmentalization” of the private sector.  The graphic tells it all:

Unsurprisingly, the low points come during the Democrat(ic) Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and Obama administrations. But the dearth of private sector experience in the Obama cabinet is almost breathtaking. As Nick Schulz notes, “over 90 percent of its prior experience was in the public sector”. Wow.

It shouldn’t be a “wow” moment, though. The Obama administration is promoting exactly what we have suspected it would – elimination of private sector industry in favor of government control. From banking to automotive to health care to “net neutrality” – the government takeover is already well under way. And we shouldn’t be surprised – they’re just doin’ what comes naturally.