The Left Needs Its Mouth Washed Out With Soap

In early 2009, angered at the rapid growth of governmental interference through its “housing bailout” plan, CNBC commentator Rick Santelli stated on the air that it was time for a “Chicago Tea Party” to voice outrage against the socialization of the American capitalist system.  The subsequent nation-wide, grass-roots movement of protests has been dubbed the “Tea Party” movement, and its participants as “tea partiers”.

The Left, unable to summon an intelligent response to the tea party movement, and caught off guard by the ferocity of the reaction of conservatives to the creeping socialism of the Obama administration, followed their typical strategy – childish crudeness.  In reaction to the movement, Leftist “personalities” introduced the use of a borderline pornographic phrase to describe the participants in the movement as “teabaggers”.  So why is this a problem?  I’ll leave the details for below the fold…

For those who are not familiar with the term, “teabagging” is a crude sex act involving oral stimulation of male genitalia.  I would quote the definition here, but it is beyond good taste, so I will simply point you to this Wikipedia definition, which adequately describes the act.

As one might expect, several of the guilty parties haunt the airwaves of MSNBC.   Lest you think that they employed this derogatory term accidentally, without understanding its origin, you can read their comments and judge for yourself.  This, from leftist gal Rachel Maddow:

“All across America on Tax Day, Republican members of Congress are lining up to speak at teabag tea party events. Even Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina is getting in on the hot teabagging action,” Maddow joked. “Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana, previously most famous for his self-admitted very serious sin with prostitution services – he wants to give teabagging the Senate seal of approval. He has asked the Senate to commemorate the day of anti-Obama protests in law.’

Not to be outdone, Maddow’s fellow adolescent, David Shuster, also gets in on the game:

For most Americans, Wednesday, April 15th will be Tax Day.  But in our fourth story tonight: It‘s going to be teabagging day for the right-wing and they‘re going nuts for it.  Thousands of them whipped out the festivities early this past weekend, and while the parties are officially toothless, the teabaggers are full-throated about their goals.

They want to give President Obama a strong tongue-lashing and lick government spending—spending they did not oppose when they were under presidents Bush and Reagan.  They oppose Mr. Obama‘s tax rates—which will be lower for most of them—and they oppose the tax increases Mr.  Obama is imposing on the rich, whose taxes will skyrocket to a rate about 10 percent less than it was under Reagan.  That‘s teabagging in a nut shell.

And from CNN, we hear the brilliance of the childish Anderson Cooper:

“It’s hard to talk when you’re tea-bagging.”

Cooper eventually made a half-hearted “sorry if you were offended” apology for his remarks.

No one really expects any more class from this crew; grade-school humor is about their speed.  In some settings, double entendre humor can be funny.  But this phrase has now been adopted by many in the mainstream media and is used regularly in settings beyond political commentary.  Apparently, double entendre references to oral sex are now acceptable for political discourse.

And now this behavior extends to the Oval Office. One would think that such obscenity would be above the office of the President of the United States.  But this is the Obama administration, where no behavior is too low.  I suppose when you hire a pedophile as “safe schools czar”, oral sex talk is not out bounds.  Or so our President appears to believe.  According to the NYT, Obama asked:

“Does anybody think that the teabag, anti-government people are going to support them if they bring down health care? All it will do is confuse and dispirit” Democratic voters “and it will encourage the extremists.”

Mr. President, there is nothing more extreme than using a pornographic term to describe the citizens of your country.

I am tempted to propose that we adopt a similarly crude description of the Democrats and they way they are screwing the country and flushing us down the toilet.  There are numerous scatological references to sexual behavior that could be employed, but a) I will not stoop to the sub-human level of the Left, and b) I don’t encourage anyone else to do so.  I simply ask the members of the media, politicians, and the President to act their age and stop the pornification of political discourse.

The business of politics is dirty.  Name-calling is a fairly normal thing.  So the introduction of pornographic phraseology isn’t terribly surprising, given the environs.  But the term has been adopted beyond the sleaze world of MSNBC and has spread to the “mainstream” media and all the way to the White House.  Those who are being slimed by the press and politicians are normal, non-political citizens.  They are hard-working mothers, fathers, grandparents and children who are stepping up and objecting to the takeover of the country by socialism.  They do not deserve to be painted with the language of an X-rated porn site.

It needs to stop.  Sexual innuendo is inappropriate in political discourse…as wrong today as it was when the children of the United States received their first introduction to the term “oral sex” courtesy of the behavior of President Bill Clinton.  That level of conversation was wrong then, and it is wrong now.

The Left and their media tools need a soap bar sandwich to clean up their act.

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