When the Left starts to go full-metal unhinged, you know we're winning

My colleague E Plurbus Unum sent around a link to an article from Susan Estrich today, and, to put it kindly, she was a bit bent out of shape.  Estrich apparently has her panties in a wad about the Van Jones affair.

Conservative loudmouths are crowing that they are driving Barack Obama’s popularity ratings below 50 percent. They are very proud of themselves. They shouldn’t be. Destroying what is best about our country is not something to brag to your children about. And the other shoe is dropping.

Getting rid of Van Jones, the co-founder of one of the groups now organizing the boycotts, is not going to slow the movement. Quite the contrary. It may strengthen the cause.

“Other shoe”?  What other shoe might that be, Susan?  The one that’s kicking your party’s butt? And “strengthen the cause?” Which one? The GOP?

As EPU stated in his email, what Estrich is saying is “Ouch! Ouch!  Stop it!”  Ladies and gentlemen, there is no question that we are winning.  Barack Obama is flinching.  He took a massive beating with Van Jones.  His MSM cronies are not helping any longer – we are getting the word out without them, and the Van Jones affair is proof positive of this.  We are whipping their butts on healthcare socialization – the odds of a public option in ANY healthcare proposal from the left are somewhere between zero and none.  We are beating them on cap and trade – see today’s incredible story on cbsnews.com regarding the Obama administration’s admission that cap and trade is a huge tax increase.  We are making progress on the czars. We are about to bring down the ObamaCorps ACORN. And it just keeps getting better.

The incredible part of this?  We are doing this while at a massive disadvantage.  They own the White House.  They have a huge advantage in the House of Representatives.  They have (for all practical purposes) a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate.  And even with that, it appears they will have to employ reconciliation to get a healthcare bill through the Senate.  Unbelievable.

The Israelites went up against the Egyptians with a massive disadvantage in manpower, yet led by Moses they defeated the Egyptians and made their way out of Egypt.  They did have to wander for 40 years while they were at it.  Perhaps our wandering is at an end…it appears we have found our way.  I won’t speculate on who our Moses is … perhaps we have several.  It does appear that the latest is Joe Wilson, who single-handedly stole the thunder from Barack Obama’s healthcare speech.  Virtually no one remembers a word that Obama said in that speech.  All that the American people remember is:  “YOU LIE.”  And while there may be debate about whether he was justified in that act, the fact is a) he was correct, and b) it worked.  Moses defeated the Pharoah.

To Susan Estrich’s dismay, there have been several plagues rained on Barack Obama and the Left since January – Van Jones, the public option healthcare battle, death panels, a failed “recovery” plan, an increasing mess in Afghanistan. The rank amateur is showing his stripes, as expected.  There are more plagues to come.

Estrich finishes her article with

May God protect this president, not only for his sake, but for all of ours.

Sure, protect him. But deliver this country from him at the same time. As the Pharoah failed, so must Barack Obama.