Where In The World is Robin Carnahan?

Missouri’s current Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan, is currently the only Democrat who has declared candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by current Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond. But since Ms. Carnahan declared her candidacy, she has been strangely silent about pretty much anything pertaining to national issues or the MO Senate race. So …. Where In The World Is Robin Carnahan?

Aapparently Carnahan has spent some time traveling across Missouri and visiting with Missourians. But she has restricted her travels to the more rural areas that (coincidentally?) don’t receive a lot of press coverage. She did appear at the Missour State Fair at the end of August and attended the traditionally political “Ham Breakfast” at the Fair, but apparently said little or nothing about any issues – she stayed in character. At the breakfast, Congressman Roy Blunt, the favorite for the GOP nomination, spoke out about “cap and trade” legislation and pointed out how it could negatively impact Missouri farmers and consumers. Carnahan’s take on cap and trade? Crickets.

Carnahan declined in an interview to say whether she would have voted for the House-passed legislation, but she added that it should probably be changed by the Senate.

Earlier in the month, Blunt invited Carnahan to join him in a joint news conference to discuss health care issues. Carnahan’s response? More crickets.

This pattern of disinterest is one in which Robin Carnahan has engaged since she announced for the Senate nomination, and it has continued. In an article published Tuesday on Politico.com. Dave Catanese, reporter for KY3 in Springfield, MO, discusses how Carnahan has “stay(ed) above the fray”. The implication of that phrase is far more positive than I believe Carnahan’s behavior warrants.

So, beyond staying “above the fray,” another possibility, as Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer stated back in February, is that Ms. Carnahan is afraid that Missourians will discover that she is a leftist whose views are “far too liberal for Missouri.” Her pro-abortion positions surely will not play well in rural Missouri, where Carnahan has spent much of her time of late. Within days of Carnahan’s declaration of her candidacy, pro-abortion group Emily’s List immediately gave Carnahan a ringing endorsement. And in April, Carnahan (not surprisingly) gained the endorsement of another left-wing group, the Teamsters.

The Politico article asserts that Carnahan’s evasiveness is actually good strategy.

“Right now, Robin Carnahan doesn’t have to take positions. The election is a long way away.

says George Connor, a political science professor at Missouri State University. Could be. But Robin Carnahan can only avoid discussing real issues for so long. Eventually Missourians will realize what she really represents. In fact, Catanese & Connor acknowledge this:

“I think Democrats in Missouri and in Washington are comfortable with Robin Carnahan. She will take the correct positions on cap and trade; she will take the correct positions on health care,” Connor said. “I don’t think at this point in the campaign she has to be too far out in front with specifics on those policies.”

I assume the interpretation of “correct” is “those positions that are endorsed by the Obama Socialism wing of the Democrat Party”…as that is precisely where she seems to lean.

Robin Carnahan cannot ignore the Senate race forever. Until now, Carnahan has not even held a press conference related to the Senate race or even answered many (any?) questions about her positions on policy. Eventually she will have to crawl out of the protective cocoon of Jefferson City and speak to Missourians about what she believes…and then the party will come to a screeching halt. As a (former) bellweather that voted for John McCain in 2008, Missouri (especially the rural areas) is a state that does not have a fondness for leftists. Considering Barack Obama’s current popularity free-fall, Robin Carnahan should be seriously considering changes to her strategy of holding to the “correct positions”

Until then, we will keep Robin’s picture on milk cartons to see if we can track her down.