I...Am Angry

My disgust with the Obama administration grows deeper on a daily basis. But it is more than disgust – it is anger. I have a very difficult time bringing myself to write about the daily stunts propagated by the Obamites, as it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and puts me in a horrid mood. My personality is one that must vent when in such a mood, and so I will.

I am angry.

  • I am angry about the attempted indoctrination of my children by the Socialist-in-Chief and the efforts to brainwash them into following their Dear Leader and becoming co-conspirators in his attempts to break down the values of the nation.
  • I am angry that this “community organizer” has decided that it is necessary to decimate the economy by spending us into oblivion on a “recovery” plan that was/is nothing more than a liberal ideological wish list.
  • I am angry that the citizens of the United States do not receive an unbiased view of the destruction of the free enterprise system; rather, they are witnesses to a massively leftist biased media populated by Obama administration sycophants who have no interest in anything but supporting their man-god.
  • I am angry that Obama (remember, he’s not a Muslim!!!!11!!!1!) would ignore the National Day of Prayer yet spend our hard-earned tax money to deliver a special message to Muslims for Ramadan.
  • I am angry that the Leftists in DC are in the process of instituting the largest tax increase in history under the guise of preventing “climate change”…that they are willing to play chicken with the economic future of the nation.
  • I am angry that this spineless coward who is unwilling to take ownership of the problems that have been brought on by his incompetent policies would have the audacity to claim that he is interested in reducing the federal deficit after single-handedly quadrupling the deficits of the previous administrations.
  • I am angry that the voters who elected this abomination of a “President” refuse to note his hypocrisy in opposing the war in Iraq, yet promoting precisely the same scenario in Afghanistan.
  • I am angry at the borderline criminal behavior of this man who conspired to remove the Inspector General of Americorps so he could promote his own socialist policies via that organization with no oversight.
  • I am angry that my nation would turn citizen against citizen in an attempt to “rat out” dissenters who dare to question the policies of The One.
  • I am angry at the liberal Democrats and their cronies who pull the race card at every turn in a feeble attempt to cover up for Obama’s failures and inadequacies. It is inconceivable to them that anyone would dare question their Messiah without racial overtones.

But most of all, I am angry that this nation would be so hoodwinked as to elect this Marxist/Fascist/Socialist nightmare in the first place. How an entire nation could be so misled and fooled by a man such as Barack Obama is an indictment on the intelligence – or at least the attention span – of 53% of the United States electorate.

I am hoping for some catharsis here.  But something tells me that tomorrow will bring nothing more than another Obama abomination and in another nine months I’ll have another litany of offenses to list. Or perhaps in 2010, there will be a “revolt of the masses,” as described by Daniel Henninger in today’s WSJ and my anger will be quelled.

In short…I am mad. But, I also want YOU to get mad! I want everyone to respond as activists who will do everything within their power to help Barack Obama fail. I want to see him out of office, and the sooner the better. I want you to be as mad as hell!