A brief Missouri Senate 2010 update

A couple of items on the forthcoming US Senate race in MO for retiring Senator Kit Bond’s seat

  • Sarah Steelman filed her 1Q2009 disclosure report for the Missouri Ethics Commission this week.  There’s a big glaring number in there:  a $770,000 debt from the 2008 gubernatorial race.  That is one whopping big hole to start with if/when she decides whether or not to run.  But even with that debt, she apparently thought it appropriate to spend over $100,000 on consulting and polling.

(Pollster Chris) Wilson said the poll was taken as a feasibility study for a potential Steelman U.S. Senate candidacy. But Steelman did not pay for the poll. Wilson said because of his company’s confidentiality clause, he could only say that a third party unaffiliated with Steelman paid for the data.

The Blunt campaign’s response to the poll was short but pointed: “Push polling is a nasty tactic and these tactics do not merit a response from the campaign,” said Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer.

  • The latest fundraising numbers for Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan were released this week as well.  According to press reports, Democrat candidate Carnahan out-raised Blunt by a significant amount.  Carnahan reported fundraising of a bit more than $1M, whereas Blunt raised approximately $550K…although Blunt was able to transfer approx. $340,000 from his House campaign account.  A Missouri State University political scientist today expressed little doubt that Blunt will catch up on the fundraising, but showed some skepticism about his ability to defeat Carnahan.  For some odd reason, Chris Cillizza seems to think this is proof positive that Steelman will oppose Blunt in the primary.  Given her current money & debt issues, I wouldn’t be so sure.