The American public discovers that (gasp) Obama is a LIBERAL

Opinion polls ratings for the Prez continue to dive.  All the major polling groups are showing a shrinking approval-to-disapproval ratio.  Today Pew Research, Gallup and CNN all published new numbers, and all showed significant slips.

The Pew polling showed a rather amusing result:

Pew attributes Obama’s slippage in its poll to a change in public perception about his political leanings, with respondents saying by 44 percent to 30 percent that he is listening more to liberals versus moderates, compared to 44 percent who said in February that he was listening more to moderates while 34 percent said it were liberals that had his ear.

There’s a news flash for you, kids.

The interesting result in the Pew poll is a significant jump in the perception of Democrat leadership in Congress.  Approval for Congressional Democrats stands at around 47%, substantially higher than late 2008/early 2009, but approval for the GOP stands at 28% – a substantial drop from 34% in February.

I suspect that the GOP leadership problems can be explained by a public perception that there IS no leadership in the GOP right now…an opinion to which much of our Redstate readership can relate.  How can one have a positive opinion about something that doesn’t exist?

The Dems are showing weakness right now, but the GOP appears to be rudderless…and the polls are reflecting this.  Michael Steele is obviously not the answer.  Sarah Palin is not the answer (for now)…she has a state to run, as does Bobby Jindal.  We have a President who is grossly incompetent, and we need someone in the GOP to lead the way to exploit this emerging weakness.  Rush does it nicely, but he is not the leader of the GOP.  Someone must step up into that role.  Who?