White House does an about-face on Bush hit job

If you recall, shortly after the inauguration the Obama team completely replaced whitehouse.gov and gave it the O treatment.  Many of us on the right excoriated them for bashing President Bush on various pages on the site.

Well, it seems they’ve had second thoughts.  In a very clever move, web site ProPublica.org turned on a change tracking system aimed at several key administration web sites, including whitehouse.gov.  Today they spotted a very interesting change had occurred – the text that formerly bashed President Bush’s treatment of Hurricane Katrina had been altered to eliminate the most insulting portions of text.  You can see the changes documented here.

Perhaps it’s a bit of sting from the bungled handling of the aftermath of the Kentucky ice storms, or maybe the Left finally caught a case of conscience.  Or maybe they’ve just forgotten.  But interestingly, they don’t seem to be too worried about Katrina any longer, considering they didn’t include a penny in the so-called “stimulus” bill to stimulate Louisiana.  Hopefully ProPublica will continue to monitor this.