Robin Carnahan may want to move to Australia

In the children’s book “Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day”, young Alexander decides that he wants to move to Australia because he was having such a bad day. Perhaps now-U.S. Senate candidate Robin Carnahan might wish to consider a similar strategy…it was a no good very bad week for her this past week. Things were going so swimmingly – she declared (almost two years early) that she was planning to pursue Kit Bond’s U.S. Senate seat, to the surprise of pretty much no one. But it was more or less downhill from there.

Even before Ms. Carnahan declared, the numbers weren’t looking that great, even though she was declared “the front runner” by some media outlets – when she had just a one-point lead in the PPP polling figures. That razor-thin lead certainly doesn’t come from declared Republicans – only 15% of GOPers have a favorable view of Carnahan right now. In the November election, she received 25% of the GOP vote, largely due to a fairly weak Republican opponent. Her lack of favorables right now is undoubtedly due to the Democrat-controlled Senate and reluctance to put yet another Dem in power. And now that former Senator James Talent has decided to forego a run for Bond’s seat, the field is that much smaller and as the voters begin to get a potential GOP candidate in their minds, Ms. Carnahan’s name may start to fade.

Next, Robin was the recipient of a not-too-flattering comparison with Caroline Kennedy. Family political legacy, with a brother in Congress? Check. Weak resume? Check. Lefty? Check. Female? Yup. The experience issue seems to be a pretty serious problem, especially considering what we’re seeing from Washington with the Most Inexperienced President Evah. Senator? Hmmm….I dunno about that.

Then there was the little issue of her associates. We alluded to it here on Redstate, as did Townhall’s Matt Lewis. Ms. Carnahan’s Communications Director, Laura Egerdal, has a background with “America Coming Together,” a left-leaning GOTV group that just happened to get caught (at about the same time as Ms Egerdal’s tenure) hiring felons for their door-to-door work. Gateway Pundit and AOL’s Political Machine also applied some heat.

Speaking of issues with voting and ballots – we mentioned the issues with the mangled Civil Rights Initiative ballot language here before. Lo and behold, another ballot language issue surfaced this week – this time it involves playing with the wording for a ballot question that “originally sought to ban the use of tax money for abortions, human cloning and other similar operations.” Two different plantiffs have filed suit over this issue – Missouri Roundtable for Life, which opposes stem cell research, AND two disabled individuals who support stem cell research. So it seems the Secretary of State couldn’t get it right on either side. One of the most basic functions of the Secretary of State – creating ballot language – and she is unable to perform the job without fumbling it.

Remember, as Secretary of State, Carnahan was responsible for ensuring clean elections. Her apparent partisan politicizing of the election/ballot process does not bode well for someone who is to represent all of Missouri and not just the left-leaning portion.

But Ms. Carnahan’s week wasn’t finished. As one might expect from a Democrat liberal seeking a seat in the Senate, she is pro-abortion…and this week we saw her cozy up with the abortion lobby. Shortly after her announcement, Carnahan’s anti-life creds were boosted by an endorsement from pro-abortion PAC EMILY’s List. Is this a blessing or a curse? Missourians United For Life pointed out Carnahan’s “extreme” and “radical” views on abortion and urged her to state her position on the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA). The Source spells out the uphill battle that Carnahan will have in Missouri as a anti-life candidate in a conservative state:

[L]ast cycle Emily’s List lost two big congressional races in Missouri. They got killed in the sixth district with a candidate, Kay Barnes, who was supposed to be a rock star. And they lost with another, Judy Baker in the ninth district, in a race they thought they had a chance to win all the way to the end.
Obviously Missouri will elect Democrats statewide. But if you look at who has been elected lately, all have at least a modicum of conservative thought. Even Claire McCaskill tried to act like a conservative in rural areas. Carnahan won’t be able to pull that off, and that will be her ultimate undoing.

Ms. Carnahan saw the need to further cement the anti-life portion of her resume in New York City. Politico and Townhall both picked up on Carnahan’s upcoming weekday getaway to chic Christie’s at Rockefeller Plaza in Manhattan. She will be a special guest at the Women’s Campaign Forum gala. The WCF’s stated goal is to “recruit, train, launch and support pro-choice women to run for office” (sound familiar?), and the gala will feature pro-choice actors, actresses, NYT columnists and other celebrities. She’s wasting no time initiating her campaign and running after the ultra-left Hollywood campaign contribution bucks, it appears.

Oh, and Politico’s hit on the dress was a little much, but it was funny.

Ms. Carnahan hasn’t taken a stand on many other issues that are bound to be significant to Missourians, such as the 2nd Amendment (MO is a concealed carry state), or the current Porkulus bill that is on the verge of passing, despite the opposition of a plurality of Americans. It will be interesting to find out what she’s thinking here.

If she doesn’t move to Australia first.