So much for "Drill, Baby, Drill"

Let’s put aside for the moment that this story is from PMSNBC and “Bush era” refers to the long-past times of approximately six months ago.  In the latest in a series of panders nods to the desires of his Leftist supporters, the President has overturned President Bush’s offshore drilling plan.

From the article:

The move comes a week after the Interior Department shelved energy leases on 130,000 acres near two national parks and other federally protected lands in Utah.

In Congress, Democrats have long wanted to rewrite the rules on royalties from offshore drilling, arguing that energy companies have been paying too little.

In the words of my near-twin here on RS, NightTwister, “$6/gallon gas, here we come

Don’t forget to send those thank-you cards and letters to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Oh, and also – Ken’s brother John T. Salazar is up for re-election next year….those of you in his district out in Colorado can thank his bro’ by supporting John’s opponent in 2010. Tell him Ken Salazar sent you.

PS: Just heard about this – help Heritage fight this one – go to http://freeourenergy.com/ and support a conservative approach to energy independence.

PPS: Yet more – this time, from the American Petroleum Institute, which points out:

Secretary Salazar’s announcement means that development of our offshore resources could be stalled indefinitely. That would delay Americans’ access to nearly 160,000 new, well-paying jobs, $1.7 trillion in revenues to federal, state and local governments and greater energy security.