MO Senate 2010 - It won't be Talent

One of the leading GOP contenders for Christopher “Kit” Bond’s Senate seat – former U.S. Senator James Talent – removed his name from contention today.

“There are other qualified Republicans who are seriously investigating the race, and it is vital to prevent the kind of dissension that hurt my party’s ticket so greatly in 2008,” Talent said. “In addition, I have family and public obligations which this unexpected race would disrupt.”

If you recall, I wrote previously that it was unlikely that Talent and Blunt would contend with one another for the seat. This may be, in part, the result of that situation. I am personally disappointed, as Talent is one of my favorite GOP pols, but Rep. Blunt and former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman represent good alternatives…and there are others out there that could emerge in the next months.

It’s going to get more interesting, guaranteed.

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