They might as well be using a Magic 8-Ball

Well, the N00b-in-Chief has a couple of weeks under his belt, and the track record ain’t good. Cabinet nominees are dropping faster than the approval rating for the economic “stimulus” package, despite their numeric disadvantage, the GOP in Congress is gaining momentum, and America’s Mother-in-Law is struggling with the concept of numbers. Could it be a conspiracy, or are the Dems just that dumb?

Fox News asks “Is Obama Being Punked?” Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? During the campaign, the Dems tried to deflect the accusations of “no experience” for Barry, and the nomination of Sarah Palin for GOP VP candidate actually made the point even plainer – a Governor from Alaska actually had more experience than a less-than-one-term U.S. Senator (“but..but… but – he’s run a big campaign!”)

Obama’s embarrassing lack of experience is popping up everywhere, from his lack of nominee vetting and subsequent dropouts to his bumbling comments that are already coming back to haunt him (what kind of idiot calls out Rush Limbaugh – did he really think he could counteract his influence? Rush can dissolve Obama like a tissue in a toilet.) Good grief, even Kos is annoyed with him. Can he even last a year before we find him hiding in the coat closet of the Oval Office, in a fetal position, sucking his thumb and crying for Rahm to take him back to Chicago?

The conclusion of the Fox article asks the key question:

Do you see a pattern here? It’s been suggested that one of Obama’s less desirable traits is arrogance. Will it be his undoing? In the broad sweep of history, such hubris has certainly undone lesser men.

And worse for the country, is it possible that the Obama presidency peaked on Inauguration Day? Far too early to say, but of this much I am sure: good looks, intelligence and perhaps even innate charm may accrue by birth–but experience is not hereditary.

No, experience is not hereditary. And it obviously doesn’t come from being a “community organizer” or a darned good campaigner. Unfortunately for us, he’s going to be getting OJT, and that may well be something that the US cannot afford.