All In The (Liberal) Family - MO Senate 2010, Democrat Edition

Well, that didn’t take long. Yesterday I posted a diary on the upcoming 2010 race for the seat of retiring Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond. In that article I mentioned that MO Secretary of State Robin Carnahan was likely to be the Democrat front-runner. Lo and behold, today Mrs. Carnahan released a video announcement stating that she does indeed run for the seat. Interesting, but not unexpected. So what should we think about this?

Carnahan is the daughter of the late MO Governor Mel Carnahan, who tragically lost his life in a plane crash prior to the 2000 election for then-Senator John Ashcroft’s seat. With no time to replace Caranhan on the ballot, his wife completed the campaign and Mel Carnahan actually won the election. Jean Carnahan served the first two years of the term, but James Talent won the spot from her in a 2002 special election and served the remainder of the term.

So, Robin is another Carnahan vying for a spot to represent MO in the US Senate, and as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch pointed out today, her announcement is in the same vein as the announcement her father made in the 2000 election season…he too made his announcement rather low-key, and almost two years prior to the election.

What should we think about Robin Carnahan? Consider the following:

  • As 24thstate.com reports, it appears that Mrs. Carnahan has aligned herself with far-left activists aligned with ACORN and SEIU. ACORN is notorious for its activity around the nation, but the activity in Missouri has been particularly odorous.
  • Carnahan opposed Missouri Voter ID legislation, which would have reduced voter fraud by requiring photo IDs at the polling place. She referred to the law as “absurd”.
  • She opposed legislation that would require proof of citizenship to register to vote. Apparently she believes that the right to vote, one of our most cherished privileges, should require less evidence than obtaining a driver’s license.
  • Carnahan obstructed the “Missouri Civil Rights Initiative,” which would have eliminated race and gender preferences for publicly-funded employment. Carnahan’s office drafted ballot language for the initiative using wording that had been focus of a drawn-out lawsuit. MoCRI supporters won a court ruling against the Secretary of State, but by then it was not posssible to make appropriate changes.

This is certainly not what we need (more of) in Washington. I anticipate that by this time next year, the GOP should have no problem differentiating itself from Carnahan-style radical left politics and showing why Washington doesn’t need more ACORN-lovin’ liberals.

(For more on this announcement, check out the AOL Political Machine)

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