Where's MY bailout money??

From the Law of Unintended Consequences Show, Episode 1,245,853. There are those out there who apparently are willing to welsh on their mortgages in order to get on the US government handout gravy train. What a surprise! Did we not see this coming ahead of time? Oh, and if you answered “no” to that semi-rhetorical question, hearken back to this gem from before the election:

Yes, there are people out there who think the government and our Dear Leader-To-Be exist solely to line their pockets.

“The attitude is starting to move toward, ‘How can the government help me,’ ” says Chad Olivier, a certified financial planner in Baton Rouge. “We are seeing it on Wall Street, and now we are seeing it with the public.”

Talk about stating the obvious. And are the government and our friends on the left trying to dissuade this behavior? Of course not. The citizens are just taking the hint from GM, Citigroup, and all the other leeches that are sucking the blood out of the nation.