GOP Road Sign: Keep Right

This is why I continue to love to read Jonah Goldberg.

There has been much discussion in the media and here on Redstate as to the future direction of the GOP. My observation is that most of our commenters and diarists would prefer the GOP to move right of where we’ve been with John McCain…with a few notable exceptions. Mr. Goldberg presents a very concise and cogent explanation about why a move to the right makes sense, and more importantly, why it is almost an impossibility for the party to be fiscally conservative and to move farther left socially.

I love this:

Economically conservative social liberals are the “jackalopes of American politics,” in the words of National Review’s Kate O’Beirne. The press keeps telling us they exist out there in huge numbers, but when you go looking for them, they refuse to emerge from the bushes.

In fairness, many people do describe themselves this way. Most of the time we simply call them “Democrats.” Those who call themselves Republicans should more properly be called “confused.”

Economically conservative social liberals = “jackalopes.” Excellent.