Surprise! Obama is lying about tax cuts

Anyone with half a brain knew all along that The Obamunist never intended to cut taxes on “95% of Americans.” It’s mathematically impossible, and flies in the face of his well-documented Socialist tendencies.

So I was not surprised to spot this article in American Thinker that documents Obama’s four lies about taxes – the four places where he will screw the middle-class taxpayer.

  1. Rollback of tax rates to pre-Bush-tax-cuts levels

  2. Elimination of the Social Security tax cap for taxpayers making above ~ $100K

  3. Raising the capital gains tax from 15% to 20%

  4. Business tax increases on small business owners

Every article I read about anticipated policies of this moron sickens me more. I cannot think of a single thing that he’s “promised” (not that his word is worth spit) that is positive.

How the American people can perceive Barack Hussein Obama as someone who will be good for this country is beyond me. As I’ve stated before, I think it’s something more insidious than just stupidity. He is an abomination with no redeeming value. He will send us so deep into recession that it will take a decade to recover. But he may be able to build his little personal Marxist paradise.