The Palin e-mail hacker is SOOOO screwed

You know, I don’t think anyone would have accused the Palin e-mail hacker of being a genius in the first place. But after reading this article from Computerworld, I’m convinced the guy was an even bigger idiot than I first suspected. Most hackers have a tiny bit of intelligence, as they’re usually able to pull off some pretty sophisticated computer tricks. But this guy seems to be an everyday script kiddie who probably learned what he knows in his keyboarding class in 10th grade.

This is a classic from the article:

It was only after finding nothing that the hacker realized how easily he could be caught, since he had used only one proxy to access the account. So he decided to make access to it available to others on the /b/ board by posting Palin’s recently reset password. Rubico claimed that he “then promptly deleted everything and unplugged my Internet and just sat there in a comatose state.”

Just sat there in a comatose state“. BWAHAHAHAHA. He don’t know comatose. Just wait ’til he becomes some tattooed 300lb bald guy’s girlfriend.

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