ABC is scum - the Palin hack job

Martin Knight wrote a diary here just before the now-infamous ABC News crucifixion interview of Sarah Palin. He opined that Palin should bring her own cameraman to record what was said so the REAL interview could be documented.

Indeed. Mr. Knight was quite correct.

The web site Newsbusters.org now shows us why this is the case. They point to several egregious examples of hacks of the interview text that made Palin look bad. Newsbusters shows how “ABC News edited out crucial portions of the interview that showed Palin as knowledgeable or presented her answers out of context” What, you ask, the mainstream media try to manipulate to make a Republican look bad? Why, that would never happen – the press is UNBIASED! Right…

When I read the article, it just made me ill. The sad thing is that this will likely never get outside the blog world. No one will hear about it. All they’ll hear is about the “Bush doctrine” crap, even though that’s utter nonsense as well.

I pray that we are able to defeat the Obamunist. If not, I’m not sure the USA can make it through four years of socialist policies and the emasculation of our national defense. Despite the current polling, etc., I am becoming more pessimistic of our chances. The deck is stacked completely in the direction of the Democrytes. The average schmuck on the street doesn’t read Newsbusters or Redstate or even DKos. They see ABC and CBS and CNN on TV or read the local fishwrap, and with few exceptions, they are in the bag for The One.

What a way to start a Saturday.