The influx of cretin Leftists has made this site unusable and unreadable. When I CAN get to a diary to read the comments, I can’t stomach the crap that’s being spewed by the unbelievable flood of idiots. The Drudge and Yahoo stories have resulted in a tidal wave of stupidity descending upon us.

It’s time for a moratorium on registrations. Either turn the stinkin’ thing off and let things idle through the convention, or implement a waiting period. RedState has become an ungodly mess.

UPDATE: Please read NightTwister’s diary and take his advice about ignoring the trolls. See here for further info. My idea is to flag the troll entries with a simple response of “Slug” in the title, and including a nice little picture of a slug in the body of the comment, making it easier for the cleanup crew to locate the offenders.