Wikileaks Conscripts Dead Pres. John Kennedy as New Spokesman

While Wikileaks founder Julian Assange continues to simultaneously evade the law enforcement agencies of Sweden and common sense, the justifications for his actions still pour forth each day.

The latest communication from his anarchist clearinghouse of secret material came via the Wikileaks Twitter account: “Kennedy on why WikiLeaks matters (Youtube) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhZk8ronces.”

Assange is  no longer only communicating with snitches and traitors in the realm of the living, he now reaches into the afterlife to speak to dead U.S. presidents.

The implication of the YouTube video found via the link, is that Pres. John F. Kennedy would support Wikileaks activities as an exercise of the free press. Of course, this latest tactic is total bull scat.

Pres. Kennedy’s suppression of press access to crucial military and intelligence secrets is well documented and has substantial justification.

The use of Kennedy’s remarks in support of a free press is simply an attempt to further extend the illusion that Assange’s organization is a member of the Fourth Estate. Rest assured, Assange could not provide evidence upon oral examination that he has any knowledge of either journalistic ethics or the laws regarding public disclosure of classified information.

Although JFK would certainly have supported the right of the press to criticize our leaders and engage in vigorous debate about the direction of the country, he recognized that secrets have their purpose.

Assange has the moral standing of a murderer who claims innocence on the basis that the tool of his violence once belonged to someone else, but screams loudly for conviction of the weapon’s original owner.

The Kennedy family has not yet released a statement regarding the use of Pres. Kennedy’s words by Wikileaks.


[Cross-posted by author from Red County.]

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