Patty Murray’s Name Missing from First Lady’s Rally Email to Washington Voters

Most often, it’s the patronizing tone of the emails emanating from both of the national party machines that cause me to hit the delete button as soon as they land in my inbox. For some reason, I took a moment to read one that came tonight from First Lady Michelle Obama and got a chuckle not from its predictably uninspired copywriting, but from what Mrs. Obama forgot to say.

The email sent by Organizing for America specifically asked me to schedule a little GOTV time for Democrats, to “make a difference in tight races across the country,” directing me to a staging location in my home town of Bothell, Wash.

Michelle “Let Them Eat Rice Cakes” Obama then passes along some pillow talk impressions of her husband’s experience on the recent taxpayer-subsidized campaign swing.

“When Barack got back from a recent campaign swing, he couldn’t stop talking about how every supporter he met was fired up.

From amazing crowds at his rallies with great candidates like Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer to meeting some of the OFA volunteers who are part of this effort, he couldn’t be prouder of what you’re doing.”

And… Patty Murray, the Senator from the Great State of Washington? The one Obama said he had to have as a partner in Washington? (No one is exactly sure which Washington he meant.) The one he snarled Seattle-area traffic for not once, but twice, this election season? Apparently Murray made such an impression she didn’t even warrant a mention in a direct appeal to key Democratic voters, although neither did any of the other Democrats running for their Congress-lovin’ lives – Reps. Jay Inslee, Adam Smith, and Rick Larsen.

I’m sure many Washingtonians look forward to the day when they can forget about Patty Murray, too. With a lot of hard work, that day may come next Tuesday.


[Cross-posted by author from Red County.]