WA-08: DelBene Wants Your Vote, But Failed to Cast Her Own in 9 Elections (VIDEO)

Suzan DelBene wants your vote, but in the past six years the former vice president of marketing for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile division has been pretty stingy about casting her own ballots. To say DelBene – who is running as a challenger against Rep. Dave Reichert in Washington’s Eight Congressional District – is a political newcomer is a massive understatement. In nine elections within the past six years, DelBene has failed to vote.

If DelBene was not passionate enough about political issues to register even her own opinion at the polls, why should voters feel she cares much about the issues now? According to the eighth district voters who learned about DelBene’s record for the first time when interviewed in this video, her lack of participation raises serious concerns. Shock and disappointment seem to be the most common reaction, but take a look for yourself.

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