Giuliani endorses Rossi, calls Dems failure to extend tax cuts “absurd”

This morning, while incumbent Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) was still having an extended case of the Mondays trying to spin her support for a “jobs bill” that could wind up harming major Northwest employer Microsoft, Republican challenger in the race for Washington’s U.S. Senate seat was getting a little help from former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

After meeting with Rossi supporters in the campaign’s Seattle headquarters, Giuliani endorsed Rossi’s bid to unseat Murray on a conference call with reporters.

“Dino is someone who has been in business, who understands the impact of government policies on business,” said Giuliani, citing Rossi’s support for the principles of small government and lower taxes as a straight-line path to job creation and economic recovery.

The former mayor also said that Rossi has the best chance to win in November, implying that voters will send a vote of no confidence for the leadership of Democrats in Congress and the President.

“They want to put a halt to the aggressive growth of government that’s occurred under Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama,” Giuliani surmised.

Never a shy voice when confronting the opposition, Giuliani also commented on the failure of Democrats to prevent the one of the largest tax increases in American history from taking effect next year. He described the Democrats inaction as “holding back an economy that wants to recover.”

“It’s absurd at this stage of the year, we don’t know what our taxes will be next year,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani stated that his confidence in Rossi’s ability to follow through on campaign promises stems from knowing that those commitments are based on personal beliefs.

“This is his essential core philosophy,” Giuliani said of Rossi’s platform for small government and low taxes. “I don’t have any doubt that Dino will follow through on these things.”

Giuliani’s pledge of support comes a day after the latest Fox News/Rasmussen poll showed Murray and Rossi in a statistical dead heat in the senatorial race.


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