Harry Reid Tries Using Defense Bill as Mule for Open Door Amnesty

In terms of sneaking through an amnesty bill that would create a wave of new illegal immigration, Democrats in the U.S. Senate think they have found just the mule they were looking for and Harry Reid is the enthusiastic coyote escorting a new wave of illegals onto American soil.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is moving to attach the “DREAM Act” – a measure that among other provisions would offer citizenship to those who have been living illegally in the United States for at least five years, and offer discounted college tuition to illegal aliens – to a defense authorization bill already headed for a vote in the Senate.

The DREAM Act would incentivize illegal immigration, counteracting steps that many border states have taken to reduce the negative effect of unlawful migration on their economies and the immigrants themselves. By instituting a new set of green card requirements that are a de facto path to amnesty, and failing to provide adequate funding for verifying information given by the applicants themselves, the legislation is nothing less than an engraved invitation to more families to risk the life-threatening dangers of an illegal border crossing.

If the DREAM Act supported by Pres. Barack Obama, Reid and a coalition of pro-amnesty Democrats passes, immigrants here illegally will only be required to prove five years of residence in the United States, enter the U.S. before the age of 16, be under the age of 34, have a high school diploma or GED, and demonstrate good moral character since the time of application.

Even that minimum standard is an illusion. Because no funding is provided for the authentication process to verify that green card applications made under this law are valid, an environment would be created in which fraudulent applications can be submitted and accepted without confirmation. Working through the established black market for phony paperwork, an immigrant could begin their illegal American life on Monday morning and begin their amnesty application on Monday afternoon.

The DREAM Act has been roaming the halls of Congress for years and has routinely failed in the Senate, but in this season of Democratic desperation, immigration amnesty could be a game-changer in many key races, including Reid’s fight for his life against Republican challenger Sharron Angle. Therefore, the attempt by the White House and Reid to slip it into the woodpile – a tactic that has gotten the ruling party’s hand slapped in public approval polls repeatedly over the last two years – is not shocking but did elicit righteous outrage from Republican Senate leadership.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) spoke out against the move from the Senate floor Thursday, saying, “They want to weigh down this armed services bill with controversial legislation that ought not be on it, to jeopardize it and put us in a position where a lot of good people who otherwise might be able to support the bill won’t be able to do so.”

“The American people have every right to be unhappy with this Congress,” Sessions continued. “The have every right to be unhappy with the President of the United States. This Congress and this President has not shown any inclination to end the massive lawlessness that’s occurring at our borders.”

More to the point, Sessions attacked the DREAM Act as a move in the wrong direction for America’s immigration policy. Reminding his fellow senators that Senate switchboards crashed several years earlier when Americans called in to send a message that border security should be the first priority in immigration policy, he questioned whether the will of people or the good of the nation was embodied by the proposed legislation.

“When you take a policy that says that you’re going to reward people who have entered our country illegally, with a guaranteed pathway to citizenship, and with billions of dollars in financial aid that they would not otherwise be entitled to, what message are we sending?” Sessions asked the assembly.

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