Which are Reliable Indicators of a Strong National Economy?

One of the fun things about living in an Information Age is that we not only have near-instant access to financial data, but also a multitude of data sources to look at. It seems there’s a new report every day with updated economic news and forecasts.

There’s a theory about the “wisdom of crowds” that says if enough people vote on a given topic, regardless of their education about the topic, the resulting average will be pretty darned close to the truth.

I’d like your input about the economic indicators that mean the most to you. Press “Yay” in the following list for statistics that you think are serious reflections of a strong economy, and “Boo” for those you think are unimportant noise.

If you don’t know a term, or you’re just looking for a recent update, look here for a convenient list of many economic indicators. Or you could just ignore any terms that seem meaningless. That’s another benefit of living in an information age.