Hillary’s Risk of Stroke & Toxic Drugs That Cause Confusion

It’s nearly every week now that Hillary Clinton has a substantial coughing attack. Of course, this observation is being dismissed as politics-as-usual.  Hillary-supporters accuse conservatives of conflating these issues into her being unfit for the presidency.  I think conservatives (at least) can agree – from a character, integrity and positions-standpoint she is definitely unfit to be president. More importantly, she may be physically unfit as well.

There have been many demands to have her Wall Street speeches released.  We already know she’s a hypocrite. Those speeches would likely just reveal that she says one thing to Wall Street and something completely different to Main Street.   Therefore, there’s no secret as to what in those speeches.  That effort is a waste of time.  What is secret is the truth about Hillary Clinton’s health. Is she a ticking time bomb of health crises waiting to explode in the White House?

In just the last few years, Hillary has had a number of health concerns. The latest bout of health-issues involve coughing fits that have been ongoing for some time (nearly four months). In 2009, she suffered a fracture during a fall. In late 2012 she fainted and the impact caused a concussion. Then there was the blood clot discovered in December 2012. She had to take a month long absence at that time from her role as Secretary of State. We learned in August 2015 that Hillary is on Coumadin, a blood thinner used to prevent blood clots. Along with the blood thinner she also takes Armour Thyroid for a thyroid problem. It is well documented that her husband, former Pres. Bill Clinton commented on her recovery taking as many as six months after her fall.

What’s not clear is if her bout of health issues are related to the fall.  Or, was the fall simply a symptom of larger issues?

I’m not trying to diagnose Hillary Clinton or play doctor in this article. I’m simply pointing out that before we seriously consider this individual for president, we might want to consider the gravity of her health problems and her ability to complete her term and physically endure the stress involved with the presidency.

Her diagnosis being called ‘a blood clot’ is another example of the liberal media covering up the truth in favor of their prized candidate.  Hillary Clinton’s actual diagnosis was Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVT).   This is a little more serious than a standard blood clot. 

The American stroke Association reports that “a second CVT or another thrombotic episode occurred in 20% of patients, stressing the need in a minority of cases for long-term anticoagulation.”   Further, mortality from a CVT can range from 13 to 48% depending on its stage at the time of diagnosis.   In addition, there are a host of complications and symptoms from this condition.  There is research that suggests coughing can result as one of those complications or symptoms.   To be clear, I’m not insinuating her coughing is related. I’m suggesting it is a valid question that should be answered by Hillary Clinton and her doctors before we vote.   

To be fair, her cough could be the result of straining her voice by yelling at so many campaign rallies and primary speeches.  Her erratic, stressful and strained, upward-inflection delivery certainly could be the cause.  For me alone, the thought of listening to that for four years is enough to shape my vote. 

According to medical experts, regarding the Hillary Clinton CVT, they predicted in 2013, she will have a full recovery.  That is certainly the narrative we’ve been led to believe in 2016.  Cough by cough I’m becoming suspicious as to what is being hidden. 

Another inconvenient fact is that Hillary’s father, Hugh Rodham, died of a stroke in 1993.   Coumadin, which Hillary is prescribed, is used to treat an underlying condition for patients at high risk of stroke.  The Alliance for National Health reported that Coumadin is “one of the leading causes of emergency room fatalities.  In 2011, it was the subject of 1,106 serious adverse event reports, including seventy-two deaths—and that is just in hospitals!” 

In addition, one of the major side effects of Coumadin is confusion.   The next time she questions Republicans’ judgment she may want to contemplate the drugs in pairing hers.

When you combine Hillary’s string of health problems, her nearly nonstop coughing and her age it is surprising we have not had more dialogue on these very important questions.

The actual number representing someone’s age isn’t reliable for full consideration as to who should be the next president.   Hillary Clinton would be 69 if she’s elected as president. Donald Trump would be 70. But have you noticed most of the presidential candidates have had just one bout of the flu or a bad cold during the race (except Donald Trump)?   Clinton is the stand alone candidate who appears to be battling a cold or health-issue almost consistently.  By comparing Clinton and Trump, you see a clear distinction between actual age (which is nearly identical) and biological age.  In fact, using this metric, even Bernie Sanders appears to be much younger than Hillary at the age of 74. 

Regardless of the prognosis of Hillary’s many health issues in the past five years, it is very clear that of all of the candidates (Cruz, Kasich, Trump, Clinton, Sanders), Hillary Clinton is by far, biologically, the oldest.  In fact, she appears to be the only candidate biologically older than her actual age. 

Should Trump be the Republican nominee, I can guarantee this story is ‘to be continued.’