GA "NO 2 Casinos, Fantasy Football, Poker: “It’s immoral unless....."

GA Casinos, Fantasy Football, Poker: “It’s immoral….unless you pay us double in taxes…then it’s legal.”


The debate is swirling in Georgia over whether Casinos should be legalized. Governor Deal famously quipped, “not on my watch” in the initial discussion. Many conservatives cry that it will bring more sex trafficking, drugs and poverty, ignoring the jobs it could produce and denying the very “personal responsibility” they always preach. But, if the money is there, suddenly it seems (reading between the lines) the morality concerns evaporate: “If they’re willing to put anywhere from 24 to 35 percent of their gross revenue into education … as the (Georgia Lottery) does, that will be a totally different proposition,” Governor Deal said.

Now there is scrutiny by The Georgia Lottery over the legality of Fantasy Football. Namely? Is it legal in Georgia, can we regulate it, or is it out of our jurisdiction. I’ll make a prediction: It’s legal so long as it can be regulated and taxed. If not, my bet is that The Georgia Lottery (a mismanaged bureaucracy with its financial margins under pressure) will attempt to run Fantasy Football out to the Tennessee Mountains. It will be “for our protection” of course. Or could it be that it’s “for their protection?”

And while we’re on the subject of Government hypocrisy, lets talk about Poker. Video poker is legal in GA. Internet poker is legal in GA. But, at my own kitchen table with my friends? Illegal! A GA resident can sit at a bar, drink and play video poker, then drive home, but a casino with hotel rooms is a “no-no?” My own home at my own table with friends is a “no-no?”

None of this makes sense, unless we’re willing to admit there are only two reasons that Casinos, Fantasy Football and (Video, Internet and Physical) Poker are not all legal in Georgia:

1. Pay the Government enough money (scratch that: Blind the Government with…) and most lawmakers will forget the moral and criminal reasons they cite these things should be illegal.

2. Many are simply afraid of themselves with all of these unfettered temptations, so they project their own lack of personal responsibility on the rest of us.

I say legalize all of it and leave us alone. Are we really free?

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