Keep the Trees in SC; let the people Die.

Bryan apologizes for his Attack on I26 six trees

I owe some of you an apology. I made the mistake over the last several months of assuming that most or all of my audience is compassionate and cares about the fellow man.  Recently, a post on Facebook and a mention on the radio show yesterday focused on the trees that I observed coming back from Washington DC to Charleston.  There was a lot of debris and they were very unsightly, partially a result of the recent ice storm.  As a result of suggesting we are crazy to keep these trees on the Interstate, I was attacked; called a moron, an idiot, and all the names that people frequently call when they are simply offering conjecture.  The people I really owe an apology to are the families of those killed traveling the SC Interstate in question (the portion from Summerville, SC to I-95).

There was a 2-year-old kid that just a year or so ago died on that roadway because of his “stupid mother,” who drove off the side of the road, slammed into a tree, killed herself and him and there family deserves an apology.  I’m apologizing for a community that doesn’t seem to care.

Well, according to many people on Facebook I am a moron for suggesting the removal of these trees, would save the life of this “stupid mother” and her child.  Now, I am not calling her a stupid mother but they are; they (the pro-tree people) are saying “people are stupid” and we can’t fix their behavior by taking away these trees and putting up cable barriers.  People are literally saying, “the hell with them, let them die.”  I can’t believe that I live amongst people, with no more compassion than that; can you?  There are those that think that a few trees, ugly pine trees, falling over the roadway from an ice storm, are worth saving for “beauty” over human lives.  There is debris everywhere that we are paying good tax payer money to clean up on this stretch of I-26.  I can’t believe they would rather have those trees than to save a few lives.  “Aaah! To heck with those people,  they can learn how to drive, they are just stupid,” I’m told.

I am not talking about trying to change people’s behavior by cutting trees, I am talking about a roadway that’s unsafe. “I find [your] position moronic,” Jean says (a listener to my radio program).  Steve also thinks my position it is stupid.  Richard made the best comment I have seen about the trees.  “Everyone loves to keep our trees because they look so nice, they lead the beauty of the Lowcountry as you are driving into the area. The crosses of all the dead people look even better, let’s keep them.”