In a district where Republican Tim Scott won the seat with sixty-eight percent of the vote, you would think that a two-term former Governor, Mark Sanford, would be a “shoe-in.” After all, the First District of South Carolina hasn’t elected a Democrat in thirty years.

On May 7, voters will choose between Democrat Elizabeth Colbert-Busch (otherwise known as “Lulu”) and Mark Sanford. In a recent Democratic poll, it shows Busch with a nine-point lead over Sanford.

Busch clearly has some issues. Recently, she deleted over 500 twitter posts that reveal associations with labor unions, anti-conservative, anti-Republican sentiment and not the moderate she claims to be. These Tweets reveal she is a big supporter of socialized medicine and Obamacare, “in the bag” for Labor Unions and is a supporter of the Obama-Pelosi-Reed style of politics the average American dislikes.

But, then there’s Mark Sanford. The latest issue for Sanford is the leaked court filing, by ex-wife Jenny Sanford, that he violated an order requiring him to stay away from the former marital residence. It sounds like Sanford doesn’t obey the rules, right? Perhaps! But, in reality, he simply visited the house to watch the Superbowl with his son. In that context, it sounds like he’s just trying to be a good father. This entire issue was to be sealed in court. Does anyone find it odd that this came out just a couple weeks after Sanford appeared, with his fiancee (the mistress who supposedly broke up his marriage), at his Republican run-off victory? Apparently voters do; Jenny Sanford’s favorability fell by ten percent as a result of this being leaked.

As I’m writing this, I’m getting the odd feeling I’m writing the script for Jerry Springer: mistresses, violating court orders, restraining orders, revenge for bringing out the “other woman.” And, then suddenly, I realize, this isn’t about what’s best for the District any longer; it’s simply a popularity contest. Let’s face it; if the political facts about Colbert-Busch are absent and the focus is on the Sanford Family circus, what remains except likeability?

There is a very scary trend occurring in American politics and it appears (if the latest polls are correct) that it has come home to roost in South Carolina District One. A vast majority of the electorate places their vote based on who they like not who’s best qualified. Colbert-Busch gets this; otherwise she would have gone by “Lulu,” not “Colbert” (her maiden name and that of popular Comedy Central host, and brother, Stephen Colbert). It seems to be working.

This nonsense has to stop. I’m sure Colbert-Busch is a fine person and I might even enjoy a dinner with her. Granted, there are plenty of people who don’t find Sanford that likable. But, the question in this election is not who would be best to share a dinner. The question is, “who aligns with our governing-values?” And, the answer should be clear that Colbert-Busch is way out of her league in The Lowcountry. Our values are to keep taxes low, help small businesses and keep this Country solid and strong for our children. It’s those values that brought businesses like Boeing to Charleston. In Colbert-Busch’s own words, she says, “I’ll be the voice for Unions in Washington.” That’s as anti-Boeing as it gets! That one phrase should scare every moderate, conservative and Republican in our District into showing up on election day and making sure we don’t send a message to the Country that we support more anti-business, pro-government Socialism.

You may not like how Mark Sanford ended his marriage. You may not like his last days as Governor. But, no one can dispute that at the moment he was challenged, he told the truth and admitted he was wrong. That doesn’t make it right, but it certainly puts him in a very small group of politicians that actually tell the truth. I have forgiven Sanford for his wrongs and I’m willing to give him another chance.

If we elect Colbert-Busch, the Unions will find a back door into South Carolina, unionize our rapidly growing Boeing plant and stiffle the economic boom we are facing. If not for Boeing, our housing market would still be in distress and unemployment would be stuck. Instead, Housing in the Lowcountry is booming again and our job market is improving. Boeing’s political action committee made its donation to Sanford. This is very telling.

This election is about picking a representative who will go to Washington, vote against excessive spending, stop the government takeover of freedom and fight for our Constitution to remain paramount. If you are a conservative and/or a Republican and you are thinking about staying at home, just remember, we are responsible for the Country we pass on to our Children. Do you really want another Obama-style politician in Washington?