The Obama-ites in the Senate continue their reckless behavior.

The Democrats and the Republicans remain far apart on the fiscal mess this Country faces. The Senate passed it’s first budget in a late session on Saturday 50-49. All republicans and four Democrats voted against it.

It likely has no chance, but underscores the continuation of the Socialist agenda.

The four democrat Senators who voted against it, I would like to applaud, but can’t since they are simply facing re-election in a tough “red” districts in 2014, meaning their vote lacked principals and values, even if proper.

The Senate budget plan, would reduce deficits by $1.85 Trillion over 10 years, a far cry from Paul Ryan’s balanced budget attempt. The democrats also spared no expense in taking further strides in the “pay your fair share” campaign, adding hundreds of billions of new taxes in their budget.

The only thing both sides could agree on was to vote 99-0 to stop subsidizing big banks, a measure that could have be implemented 2-3 years ago.

It is shocking how disconnected, ignorant and irresponsible these Democrats are. Yes, Democrats have always loved to tax the rich and punish progress, but this crop of shameless, disconnected bureaucrats go many steps further. They are birthed from the Obama-ites (as I call them) who believe this Country should be punished and should pay a price for all it’s done in the World. They believe the rich and/or productive are evil; It’s not that they want to take this Country down. That simply want to take control of it. And, the only way to move that horrible agenda forward is to insure that all government-backed social programs not only stay in place, but get larger.

In the recent Presidential Election, the vast majority of the states that voted Republican have the highest percentage of tax paying citizens, and the vast majority who voted Democrat have the lowest percentage of tax paying citizens (and the highest on social programs).

Democrats derive their power through socialist programs and larger government by making ignorant, low-information voters dependent on these programs. And when met with opposition, Obama-ites belittle their opponent, chastise them as favoring only the rich and tell outright lies. And, when they actually lose a battle? They act like juvenile misfits, taking away children’s Easter Egg Hunts, canceling air-shows, and closing the White House so school children can’t tour it. This is the worst bureaucracy this Country has ever seen and this budget, by our Sentate, is “Exhibit A” that there’s a financial Ponzi scheme our Fed and our President continue to perpetrate on our citizens that will lead us to Bankruptcy unless it is stopped.

Taxes are not the answer. Decreased spending is.

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