Governor Sanford making comeback in District One Congressional Race.

After some confusion on redistricting and polling locations, it was encouraging to see that voters, in SC District One, today, had to present a photo ID to vote. With ID in hand, I placed my Republican vote in the Congressional Primary to replace (now, Senator) Tim Scott. I see no issue whatsoever with handing over my driver’s license before I vote. The only problem with the ID law is for liberals who attempt to manipulate elections with illegals, dead people and non-residents; a condition that is less likely to occur in South Carolina given the new ID requirement.

With little surprise, Mark Sanford wins the top spot with 36 percent of the vote. Teddy Turner, who I originally projected to win the second spot, came in with high single-digits. The reality, it seems, is that Teddy can’t seem to disconnect (with voters) from his father and media mogul Ted Turner’s liberal antics and left-leaning CNN.

The last minute surge in media advertising and appearances by Curtis Bostic and Larry Grooms resulted in (with 99% of the precincts counted) Curtis Bostic will likely win the second place spot with Grooms just a few-hundred votes behind. John Kuhn, who ran, perhaps, the most negative ad-campaign, attacking Sanford, was met with the humility of only 6% of the vote (even in light of a large personally-funded media buy) . It didn’t connect with voters.

The entire Democrat turnout was just shy of 17,000 voters with Elizabeth Colbert-Busch receiving 96% of the vote (99 percent reporting). Fortunately, Mark Sanford received nearly 20,000 votes; more than all Democrat votes combined (no real surprise). Many of the voters for other candidates will result in an even higher Sanford vote should he ultimately win the Republican nomination for the seat.

Today’s turnout shows that South Carolina District One republicans are deeply concerned about the direction of this Country. There’s no doubt the Liberal machine will pump a lot of effort and money into attempting to oust the 30-year republican strong-hold of District One South Carolina. It’s likely to fail.

Stephen Colbert, brother to Democrat nominee Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, told CNN on Monday, “I’m willing to, you know, break the jewel of my own creation to try to do something for her.” What is concerning and sad is that anyone who would take this comedic-clown seriously, is star-struck, more than informed.

I thought it was best put this morning by Tara Servatious, Charleston News/Talk WTMA morning host when she told listeners (who were calling to ask where to vote and other “odd” questions), to go to the Citgo Station and tell the lottery lady, “she’ll cast the vote for you;” She went on to say, “leave it up to the informed voters, we’ll take care of it for you.” Joking of course; or maybe not! The point was to make light of those low-information voters, who are the same people who would vote for a completely unknown candidate like Colbert-Busch on the recommendation of someone like Stephen Colbert. They are consequently the ones jumping on another celebrity circus to vote for a popular name instead of the most qualified candidate. Fortunately, it appears the vast majority of voters (today, at least) made more informed decisions.

The republican run-off election will occur on April 2, with the General Election on May 7.

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