SC District One Primary - Dangerous!

This is a defining moment for South Carolina Politics and the Nation for that matter, as liberal policy and socialist movements seem to be overtaking our Country. On Tuesday, voters in South Carolina District One go to the polls for a special primary election to replace the vacated seat of, now, Senator Tim Scott.

Polls put former Governor, Mark Sanford, at 35% just last week.

Teddy Turner (son of Media Mogul Ted Turner) has about 14-15 percent of the vote in polling.
According to Grand Strand Daily, State Senator, Larry Grooms may have edged into double digits. Former Senator John Kuhn and school board member Elizabeth Moffley appear to be in mid-to-high single digits.

The realistic prize here is for second place and, frankly, it’s anyone’s game right up until the polls close. The second place winner will likely challenge Mark Sanford in a runoff election.

The danger for the GOP here, is twofold. First, the challenger to Mark Sanford is likely to spend a large amount of money focusing on Sanford’s most humbling moment in politics, when he went missing for three days to see his mistress from Argentina; a subject, in my view, that is blown way out of proportion. Sanford is likely to not only win the primary race, but the special election and be the candidate to challenge Elizabeth Colbert-Busch. The second challenge comes when the Democrats, thinking they have a shot at taking SC District One (no democrat has won in 30 years) dumps potentially millions into the race to defeat Sanford. If the mudslinging amongst republican contenders heats up, the district could be lost. We know the Democrats will spare no expense, once again, focusing on the past and on subjects that distract from the real conversation that candidates should be having: The Economy.

Can SC District One really elect a liberal who believes in tougher gun laws, and has a generally unknown political record? The most outstanding bit of information about Elizabeth Colbert Busch, besides being the sister of Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, is that she hasn’t voted in a single democratic primary in the last 20 years (according to Charleston City Paper). If a person has been so disengaged from the political process in her life, will she really be a person who will finally engage in Washington? Likely, no.

Given the litany of Liberals already lining up around her, it would be a scary moment for this Country if SC District One were to vote to elect this candidate.  She appears to me as a dangerous exploration in continued advances in Socialism.

Let’s hope voters weigh the facts and, in the end, pick a known candidate with a solid voting record in Congress that continues the values and tradition of South Carolina District One politics.

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