Obama White House staffers ask: "Do you know who I am?"

A truly delicious story from one of the local DC gay papers, The Washington Blade:

Rehoboth-Beach-by-M.V.-Jantzen-homepage1A group of guys got rowdy on Memorial Day weekend on the gayer end of Rehoboth beach, drinking in public and urinating in public (neither of which I personally am totally against by the way, if done discreetly away from children and those with sensitive sensibilities).

When they got ticketed a group of them wrote a letter claiming it was discrimination (looks like that claim is bogus), and pointed out they were Very Important Obama regime staff, Washington Post reporters, and CNN reporters (you have to read to the middle to get that).  Both the local gay community center, Camp Rehoboth, and several gay tourists and residents are quoted as saying the drunks were out of line and were not discriminated against for being gay.  But apparently the VIPs of the Obama regime and the media thought they deserved special treatment.  Their excesses meant the police began doing a search of every beverage cup holder on the beach, disturbing everyone’s fun.  As the Blade reported:

“[An] email sent to Rehoboth officials and the media was unsigned. Lee Whitman, a D.C. resident and Rehoboth summer vacationer, told the Blade he knows those who wrote the email. ‘Among them are doctors, lawyers, a CNN producer, staff members of the Washington Post, members of the current presidential administration, and a three-time Emmy Award winner,’ he said in his own email accompanying the one sent to Rehoboth officials. He did not identify them by name. ‘We are skilled. We are talented,’ he wrote. ‘And if we continue to feel persecuted we could easily pull every gay dollar from your city. Not just the money from those that were there this weekend, but all gay dollars.’

“A separate email sent to the Blade by a gay Rehoboth vacationer, who also asked not to be identified, says he and his partner were present at Poodle Beach on May 24, and they witnessed what he says were many gays acting irresponsibly. ‘This past Sunday was unlike any time I’ve ever experienced on Poodle Beach,’ he wrote. ‘In the roughly four hours my partner and I spent on the beach that day, the behavior we witnessed was appalling.’ He said the beach was ‘trashed’ with litter by people who ignored easily accessible trashcans placed on the beach. ‘We witnessed guys walking around from gaggle to gaggle carrying full glass liquor bottles, openly,’ he said. ‘We even witnessed guys walking up into the dunes…and urinating in plain view. Not one or two guys, but probably one or two dozen guys.’ According to Banks, ‘Two people got a citation for urinating in the dunes right in front of the officer while he was trying to clear them out.”’ He said officers had responded to calls from one or more homeowners complaining about the urination. While arriving to respond to those calls, Banks said, the officers noticed the public drinking on the beach and called for additional help to respond to that issue. Another gay man who was at the gay beach at the time, who asked not to be identified, reported seeing officers walking through the beach and approaching people who appeared to be drinking alcohol. Banks said alcohol consumption in all public places in Rehoboth is prohibited by law. ‘They went from person to person to anyone drinking out of an unmarked container or cup,’ the man said.”


I guess Rehoboth residents and businesses should just be glad the Obama boys didn’t threaten to put the IRS on them.


L’etat, c’est moi!